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Emam Channel
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Eman Channel aims to produce high quality programmes; in terms of both production value and Islamic principles; available freely on satellite television, mobile app and online. Eman Channel is based in London, UK – an important multicultural hub with a fast growing Muslim population, we understand the need for a real media alternative for Muslims living in this technologically advanced and modern world. Our programmes at Eman Channel aim to represent Islam in contexts suitable for current times, culture, environment and audiences. Eman Channel also aims to provide suitable solutions through media for issues that concern the Muslim community in the west. The field of Islamic Media requires a boost in order to help engage all members of the Muslim community. We believe that Muslim families should be able to sit together and enjoy entertaining and informative programmes, and our channel intends to bring about this positive change. Whilst our programmes will provide suitable entertainment for all ages, our Islamic values will always be considered as well as the tolerant and respectful values of the country that host our channel. Viewers will be able to enjoy a large variety of unique and inspiring programmes, from educational lectures to cookery and comedy shows. We aim to ensure that all of our content will be of the highest possible standard. Creativity and relevancy will be the main factors that drive the nature of our programs.

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